I seem to have been neglecting this site’s existence as of late, so I thought I’d do a quick update post to let people who read my blog know that I am indeed not dead, just kind of inactive.

Now that I’ve officially finished sixth form, I have until August to effectively give zero shits about what I do; ideally I’d like to get a job and earn some money, but with every job interview I end up getting, I feel less and less confident about getting one.

I’ve been working on a couple of small utility programs to try and expand my knowledge of C# and the .NET Framework, especially now that it’s use is more applicable across platforms with the release of .NET Core on platforms other than Windows, and the cool prospect of Windows on IoT devices such as the Raspberry Pi 2. One such program is ShowRenamer, a command-line utility for ensuring that downloaded TV show media files have a nice and consistent file naming. It makes basic use of reflection to load in plugins that provide ways to express how file names should be parsed. I’m also working on a couple of small utilities to sit on top of Guild Wars 2, which I recently picked up on sale and am really enjoying thus far.

As most of the people who need to know, know, all of the VPN services have been moved to a new host named Mirage, which is far better than the previous set of hosts on which I ran my VPN services. It’s UK based and runs on top of a KVM virtual machine rather than OpenVZ, which proves for a more reliable virtualisation technology, in my experience.

I’m planning on streaming a fair bit over the summer now that I have time, and my parents have finally decided on going on a holiday this summer too, to which I have declined going on, meaning I’ll have the house to myself and the dog, which will be fun.

I hope this makes up for a lack of posts over the last few months, and if it doesn’t, well, sux2beU.