TL; DR: New app for Magic: The Gathering players available now on the Windows Store for phones, tablets and desktops here.

I’m super happy to announce that I have published my very first Windows app, Planeswalker’s Companion! Designed to make it easy to set up a game or tournament for Magic: The Gathering anywhere, providing you have your phone or tablet with you of course.

A life counter designed for cross-table use makes it easy to view both your and your opponents’ life values, with large, easy-to-use controls to manipulate life values without the hassle of spinning a dice around looking for the right value. It’ll support life values all the way up to 4,294,967,295, though I’d love to see someone get that high in a standard game!

The tournaments page allows you to quickly and easily generate a round robin matchup structure for any number of players, to make organising impromptu competitions hassle-free. I’m planning on implementing a couple of additional tournament options, like single/double-elimination and Swiss-style ranking, which should come out when I get time to work on them.

So if you’re interested, go check it out on the Windows Store!